Stephen Dorff stars as Wade Porter in Felon. He plays the ubiquitous every-man who finds himself in a hellish situation. Convicted of manslaughter after killing a burglar 'off' his property, Porter is sent to a horrific maximum security prison. Race wars, gang attacks, all pale in comparison to the totalitarian regime of the twisted head guard (Harold Perrineau). Porter finds an ally in his roommate, lifer John Smith (Val Kilmer), who's help he'll need to make it through the barbarism of prison.

Writer and director Ric Waugh scores with this gritty tale. It's thankfully devoid of the usual prison cliches and a pretty damning indictment of the U.S. penal system. Stephen Dorff and Val Kilmer were recently in New York to promote the film. While Dorff was very serious about delivering the message, Kilmer was a bit more lighthearted. I think he'd gotten bored by the interviews and decided to have a little fun. Check out below to see Val get silly in a white linen suit.

Felon opens in theaters July 18th.