Steve Martin's bumbling Inspector Clouseau and his faithful sidekick Ponton (Jean Reno) are called into action to lead a team of the world's best detectives. A criminal mastermind known as 'The Tornado' has stolen several priceless artifacts, including France's Pink Panther diamond. The sequel has an all-star cast with Andy Garcia, Alfred Molina, Jeremy Irons, Lilly Tomlin, and Aishwarya Rai joining the returning John Cleese and Emily Mortimer. Clouseau's antics may be his downfall, but he has more at stake this time around. A rival, the lecherous Vincenzo (Garcia), has taken a romantic interest in the beautiful Nicole (Mortimer). Check out our exclusive cast featurette for The Pink Panther 2 below.

The Pink Panther 2 hits theaters February 6th.