We have a brand new exclusive clip from the new Sword in the Stone 45th Anniversary Special Edition DVD, which brings the magic to DVD on June 17. Click below to see a special feature clip from the DVD, featuring Walt Disney himself performing some magic of his own.

1963's The Sword in the Stone is Disney's animated take on Arthurian legend. In the midst of the Dark Ages, when England has no rightful ruler, a sword imbedded in a stone mysteriously appears in a London churchyard, bearing the inscription "Whoso pulleth out the sword of this stone and anvil is rightwise king born of England." Scores of would-be kings travel to London to attempt the feat and thereby claim the throne. They all fail. Years later, in the English countryside, an 11-year-old squire nicknamed Wart (Rickie Sorensen) is devotedly helping his incompetent foster brother, Kay (Norman Alden), train to become a knight, when he meets the great magician Merlin (Karl Swenson). The well meaning, but absentminded, wizard declares himself Wart's mentor and claims that he will lead the boy to his destiny. Spirited and full of spunk, Wart (whose real name is Arthur) approaches Merlin's lessons with the same determination that he applies to Kay's hopeless training and to the monotonous chores he is assigned by his guardian. He soon finds himself accompanying Kay to London for a jousting tournament that will determine England's new king. There, Wart forgets to bring Kay's weapon to the joust, but finds an abandoned sword in a nearby churchyard -- which he effortlessly pulls out of a stone.

Special Features

- All-New Merlin's Magical Academy Game - In this all new game Merlin tests viewers' knowledge of

the world as they are transformed into a fish, a squirrel and an owl-just like Wart in the movie.

- Knight for a Day - Goofy stands in for his master at a joust in this medieval themed short film.

- Brave Little Tailor - When Mickey tells a white lie about his fighting prowess, he ends up facing down

a rampaging giant.

- Music Magic: The Sherman Brothers - A profile of the musical geniuses behind The Sword in the

Stone and so many other Disney hits. Includes the deleted song, "The Magic Key."

- The Sword in the Stone Scrapbook - An exclusive behind-the-scenes interactive program featuring

still-frame galleries and film facts.

- Disney Song Selection