T.J. Martin's The Donner Party arrives on DVD January 26th. Based on the horrific true story, this thrilling new film stars Crispin Glover, Clayne Crawford, Mark Boone Junior, and Christian Kane. We have your first look at the upcoming DVD with an exclusive never-before-seen clip. To watch the video, click on the box below:

Based on the harrowing true story, The Donner Party picks up after William Hastings steers a group, nicknamed "Forlorn Hope," off course by promising a shorter route to California through the Sierra Nevada Mountains. After several early snowstorms, the group and its leaders, William Foster (Crispin Glover) and William Eddy (Clayne Crawford), find themselves lost, freezing and without any source of food. The threat of death and imminent starvation dissolves the group's camaraderie as they are forced to sacrifice one another as a source of nourishment. Surviving only on the flesh of the fallen members of their party, the remaining travelers must weigh their consciences against their will to survive. Directed by T.J. Martin and also starring Mark Boone Junior, and Christian Kane, The Donner Party arrives on DVD shelves January 26th, 2010.