Fox Home Entertainment has provided us with an exclusive behind-the-scenes video from their upcoming DVD release of season one of The Riches, hitting store shelves on January 8. The clip gives some background of the casting for the emmy-nominated FX drama series, which stars Eddie Izzard (Ocean's Thirteen, My Super Ex-Girlfriend) and Minnie Driver (Good Will Hunting, Grosse Pointe Blank) Star.

Watch the exclusive casting feature video:

Wayne and Dahlia Malloy (Izzard and Driver) and their three children are a family of on-the-run travelers who live their lives conning and scamming the unsuspecting, greedy "buffers" of the world. However one day - in a darkly comedic, yet fortuitous twist of fate - an opportunity presents itself, allowing The Malloys to escape from their past by pulling off the con of all cons . . . join the enemy and become "The Riches." Little did The Riches know that while life on the road may have been hard, that was nothing compared to life as law abiding citizens in an affluent gated community! The Riches Season One four-disc DVD set includes all 13 episodes from the critically-acclaimed first season and features audio commentaries from Izzard and creator Dmitry Lipkin, webisodes, a gag reel and more.