We have an exclusive clip from the upcoming two-disc DVD set, The Zeta Project: The Complete First Season, which comes to DVD in a two-disc set on March 17. Click below for our exclusive clip which features some nifty animated spy gadgetry.

In this spin-off from the animated series, Batman Beyond, Zeta is an experimental infiltration robot equipped with weaponry and a holographic self-projector that allows it to assume any identity. Unfortunately, his programming also evolves to the point where he acquires both feelings and a conscience. He flees the U.S. government, who believe he has been re-programmed by a foreign power.

On the run, Zeta encounters Rosalie "Ro" Rowan, a street orphan who is wanted by the law herself. Initially fascinated by Zeta's criminal skills and the unlimited-cash and untraceable credit card he has, she attaches herself to him. The two quickly form a real friendship, and set out across America to find both Ro's parents, and Zeta's creator who can prove that Zeta is acting of his own free will. The NSA, led by Agent Bennet, are in hot pursuit. Originally broadcast on Kids' WB! From 2001-2002

Special Features:

- Finding Freedom featurette - With no conclusion ever written for the series, fans have been left to wonder what happened to Zeta and Ro. In a round-table discussion, our cast speculates on various theories of where the show would have gone while producer/show runner Robert Goodman and his team give the fans the definitive answer.

- Bonus Episodes

Episodes from Batman Beyond that feature Zeta:

1) Zeta

2) Countdown