Lost: The Complete Third Season was released on DVD on December 11, and we have a cool little exclusive supplement to that DVD set. We have an exclusive video of executive Producers Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof and the crew talking about the 3rd season and more. Click below to watch now!

As Sawyer and Locke make their way through the jungle on a mysterious mission, Charlie, Hurley, and Desmond argue over whether Jack can be trusted to tend to the mysterious parachute woman they have recently discovered. It's been eight days since Ben revealed that Locke's father Cooper is on the island. One night, as Sawyer gets up to go to the bathroom, Locke appears claiming that he has successfully infiltrated the enemy and captured Ben. Afterward, the pair makes their way to the place Ben is currently being held captive when Sawyer suddenly hits Locke with the butt of his gun. Wrestling Locke to the ground, Sawyer demands to know what is going on. Locke says that he needs Sawyer to kill Ben since he can't do it himself, though Sawyer isn't about to do Locke's dirty work and promptly refuses. Three days ago Locke had been helping Cindy pitch a tent when he overheard Juliet's taped message to Ben about kidnapping the female survivors. Ben has regained the ability to walk, and he claims that it was all thanks to Locke. Though Ben offers Locke the opportunity to embrace the island's true power by personally killing Cooper, Locke fails and Ben embarrasses him in front of the Others. Back on the beach, Charlie and Hurley realize that Jack might not be trustworthy anymore, and seek out Sayid to look at the parachute woman. She claims that her name is Naomi, a member of a special rescue squad hired by Penelope Widmore to locate Desmond. Though Sayid eventually fixes Naomi's damaged sat phone, the group is disheartened to discover that Rousseau's distress signal is preventing the phone from transmitting. Down at the Black Rock, Locke opens the brig to reveal a man tied up with a bag over his head. When Sawyer walks in to investigate, the door is slammed shut and locked securely behind him. As it turns out, the man in the brig is actually Cooper. Revealing himself to be a con man who has gone by many names - including Tom Sawyer - Cooper believes that the islanders are in fact already dead and suffering in hell. As Sawyer gradually connects the dots, Richard Alpert reveals the true motivations behind Ben's attempt to have Locke kill Cooper.

Special Features

- The World Of The Others -- Friends Or Foes? Secrets And Mysteries Revealed By Cast And Producers

- Lost Flashbacks -- All-New, Never-Before-Seen Flashbacks

- Lost On Location -- Go Behind-The-Scenes With These All-New Tales From Season 3

- The Lost Book Club -- Get Hints To The Significance Of LOST's Literary References

- Lost In One Day -- An Exclusive Look At 24 Hours In The Life Of This Ambitious Series

- Deleted Scenes

- Lost Bloopers

- Audio Commentaries

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