Maybe it's just my nature, but I've always been one to root for the underdog. And there is no bigger underdog in the world of cinema at this current moment in pop history than director Uwe Boll. So many people hate the man, a petition was put forth on the Internet to get him to stop making movies. I doubt that will happen, but in the wake of this feverish abhorrence comes the man's most accomplished and entertaining film to date. While still based on a popular video game, Postal is a unique departure for the bullish director. It's a gloriously offensive comedy with some truly great action sequences thrown in for good measure. And Boll doesn't mind taking a few swipes at himself in the process. We recently met up with Uwe to discuss his new film. We also chatted about that infamous petition, Stride Gum's involvement, Nazi gold, male frontal nudity, and fist fighting Michael Bay in the ring. To watch this exclusive video interview, click on the clip below:

Exclusive: Uwe Boll Interview Part #1

Exclusive: Uwe Boll Interview Part #2

Postal opens May 23rd, 2008.