World War II has been a popular theme this holiday season at the movies. Director Vicente Amorim takes a different angle in his adaptation of C.P. Taylor's prize-winning play, Good. Set in late 1930's Germany, Viggo Mortensen stars as John Halder, an academic who find his early work used by the Nazis to promote national socialism. Halder's star rises as his best friend, a Jewish doctor (Jason Isaacs), faces increasing persecution. Subtle and deeply troubling, Good stays with you long after the movie's over.

Viggo Mortensen is always a great interview. He has a quiet, contemplative personality. He takes the time to express his thoughts, and it's great to hear some lucid answers every once in a while. Jason Isaac's is the comic to Viggo's straight man. He's a bubbly, good-humored, talkative guy. Isaac's waxed poetic on everything from the film, to Harry Potter, and some hilarious dialogue on parenting. I can imagine he was great comic relief on the set of such a serious film.

Good hits theaters on December 31st.