American Pie Presents: Beta House is hitting the DVD shelves on December 23, but we have some exclusive glimpses into this latest slice of Pie. We have three exclusive clips from the DVD for our readers. We have a little intro from one of the film's stars, Steven Tyler, a jailhouse clip from the actual movie, and even a behind-the-scenes look at some interesting Greek games. Click below to check out these new clips.

Exclusive: Roll It

Exclusive: Beta Way of Life

Exclusive: Behind the Games

It's pledge time, and as fraternity row becomes rife with eager young freshman looking to make an impression on campus, the stage is set for Greek rivalry so fierce it will resurrect a competition that was previously banned by the administration. Great Falls high school graduates Erik and Cooze are about to become college freshmen, and once they do, the campus of a modest Michigan college will never be the same. Immediately aligning themselves with the notorious Beta Delta Xi house, the boys dive headlong into the party scene while suddenly being swept up in an ongoing rivalry between their new brothers and a rival house with a power-hungry president. Now the only way for the Beta Delta Xi brothers to prove their true worth is to resurrect The Games - a long-banned competition that will discern the true kings of campus once and for all. Featuring Eugene Levy and Christopher McDonald.

Special Features

- Deleted Storylines

- Deleted Scenes

- Outtakes

- Exclusive Interview with Noah Levinstein

- Behind the Games

- Beta House - Not Just Another Slice of Pie

- Boobie "Yule Log"

- Nuts About Pie

- American Pie Presents: A Public Service Announcement

- UGO's Foxy Fan on the Set

- 'Won More Time' by God Made Me Funky Music Video

- 'Luv T'Day' by God Made Me Funky Music Video

- Feature Commentary with Director Andrew Waller, Write/Co-Producer Erik Lindsay and Cast Members John White, Steve Talley, Jake Siegel, Meghan Heffern and Nic Nac

- Bonus Episode: 30 Rock 'Hard Ball'