Sony Pictures Home Entertainment has provided us with an exclusive 5-minute preview of their heart-racing thriller Already Dead, which will be released on DVD on January 15.

The action-packed film stars Ron Eldard (Black Hawk Down), Til Schweiger (Knockin' on Heaven's Door) and Christopher Plummer (A Beautiful Mind) and examines the dark side of revenge. Already Dead follows one man's journey down a road of revenge. In one night, Thomas Archer (Eldard), a successful associate at an architecture firm with the perfect family, loses everything. On that fateful night he discovers a burglary gone wrong, resulting in his son's murder and his wife's brutalization. Archer soon becomes consumed with the idea of vengeance by his own hand.

Click the player below to check out the 5-minute exclusive video when Thomas confronts the man who murdered his son (warning: a tad violent):