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"Big Ideas for a Small Planet: Drive" - Given oil's considerable role in both greenhouse gas emissions and geopolitical instability, automobiles are a key priority for the green revolution. Rising stars on the green horizon are the electric car and hybrids, which promises performance, affordability and zero or low emissions. "Drive" looks at the resurrection of the electric car as it focuses on three different models, including: the Tesla, a foxy high- performance sports car that is the brainchild of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs Martin Eberhard and Elon Musk; Myers Motors' NmG (No more Gas), an affordable and brightly colored commuter car that by company chief Dana Myers; and a converted Porsche 944, which received a battery-powered revamp from the automotive design students of Florida's Miramar High School who are competing in the Beach Battery Burnout competition. Advanced hybrid drive technology is explained by Lexus instructor Paul Williamsen, who puts a luxury hybrid through its paces at a test track and discusses new developments with technicians.

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Brian B.