We have a brand new special feature clip from the upcoming DVD, Stargate: Continuum, which hits the gate on DVD and Blu-Ray on July 29. Click below for a little glimpse at the special features, and a look at Richard Dean Anderson in arctic-wear.

While SG-1 attends the execution of Ba'al, the last of the Goa'uld System Lords, Teal'c and Vala inexplicably disappear into thin air. Carter, Daniel and Mitchell race back to a world where history has been changed: the Stargate program has been erased from the timeline. The remaining SG-1 members must find the Stargate and set things right before they world is enslaved by the Goa'uld.

Special Features

- Commentary with Executive Producer/Writer Brad Wright and Director Martin Wood

- The Making of Stargate Continuum

- Stargate Goes to The Arctic

- Layman's Guide to Time Travel

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