We have been provided with an exclusive look at the latest full episode of Handsome Town entitled Give 'Em the Business, which debuts on PhoebeTV.com tomorrow, June 29. You can click on the video player below to watch this brand new full episode for the series, and take a look below the video for details on how you can still win a new iPad from this web series.

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Give 'Em the Business Episode Synopsis

Thurston charges Liam and Tracy with bringing in new business, while Hal and Dean get to see Vanessa's charm as she "negotiates" with her ex-boyfriend.

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Handsome Town is a new sitcom by the Emmy Award-Winning producers at Phoebeworks Productions., a producer of digital entertainment and lifestyle programming. The first season premieres May 25, 2010 is made up of 12 -weekly episodes broadcast online at PhoebeTV.com.

Handsome Town follows the romantic entanglements and professional struggles of the employees at "Load", a men's fashion and lifestyle magazine. The show follows main characters Hal, Vanessa and Dean as they navigate the personal and professional ups and downs of living in New York and working at "Load".

The show stars the fresh talent of Casey Cartolucci, Rebekkah Ross and Nick Cianfrogna. It is written by a team of writers led by Kate Schweitzer, a writer on the web sitcom Chaos Theory.