Stargate: Continuum is a direct-to-DVD stand-alone film that picks up where last March's Stargate: The Ark of Truth left off. The story begins with the crew of SG-1 attending the execution of Ba'al, the last of the Goa'uld System Lords. When Teal'c and Vala suddenly disappear into thin air, Carter, Daniel and Mitchell find themselves trapped in a world where history has changed. It seems the Stargate program has been erased from existence. While they race to figure out what has happened, hundreds of Goa'uld motherships arrive in Earth's Orbit to destroy the planet. It is up to Carter, Daniel, and Mitchell to restore order and the Stargate program, even if it means getting left behind in time.

The latest adventure in the Stargate series offers plenty of action and a few surprise guest stars that will leave fans wanting more. We recently visited the set of Stargate: Atlantis, where we boarded a spaceship to conduct exclusive interviews with actor Ben Browder, who plays Lt. Colonel Cameron Mitchell in Stargate: Continuum, and series creator Brad Wright, who helped write this latest feature length episode. To watch our insightful chats with these two gentlemen, click on the clips below:

Stargate: Continuum will be released to stores nationwide on both DVD and Blu-Ray this July 29th, 2008.