We Own the Night is coming to DVD and Blu-Ray on February 12, and we have a little sneak peek lined up for you. We have an exclusive video of one of the special features from this upcoming DVD. Check out this video with writer-director James Gray and others below.

Set against the backdrop of the bloody battle waged between New York City cops and the Russian mafia in the 1980s, director James Gray's period drama tells the tale of an emerging club manager whose family ties to law enforcement make him a target for the city's most dangerous criminals. Bobby Green (Joaquin Phoenix) manages one of Gotham's hottest clubs - but being in the club scene often means turning a blind eye to blatant criminal activities. Realizing that his career - and perhaps his life - could come to a sudden end if anyone discovers that his father Burt (Robert Duvall) is the deputy chief of police and his brother Joseph (Mark Walberg) is a rising star on the force, Bobby struggles to keep that sensitive information from everyone except his devoted girlfriend Amada (Eva Mendes). Russian kingpin Vadim is a ruthless criminal who is willing to permanently silence anyone who dares cross him - regardless of whether they are a stranger on the street or a lifelong member of the family. When the Russian mafia declares all-out war against the NYPD, conflicted Bobby is forced to choose between his life of luxury, or the family that he has worked so fervently to separate himself from.

Special Features

- Commentary with Writer and Director James Gray

- Tension: Creating We Own the Night

- Police Action: Filming Cops, Cars, and Chaos featurette

- Moment In Crime: Creating Late 80's Brooklyn featurette