Hotel for Dogs stars Emma Roberts, Jake T. Austin, Lisa Kudrow, Kevin Dillon and Don Cheadle in a smart, funny comedy adventure that shows how far love and imagination can take you. When their new guardians forbid 16-year old Andi (Roberts) and her younger brother, Bruce (Austin) to have a pet, Andi has to use her quick wit to help find a new home for their dog, Friday. The resourceful kids stumble upon an abandoned hotel and, using Bruce's talents as a mechanical genius, transform it into a magical dog-paradise for Friday. And eventually for all of Friday's friends. When barking dogs make the neighbors suspicious, Andi and Bruce use every invention they have to avoid anyone discovering "who let the dogs in." We recently caught up with the cast behind this very funny canine comedy. To watch our exclusive interviews with Emma Roberts, Jake T. Austin, Lisa Kudrow, and animal coordinator Mark Forbes, click on the featurette below:

Hotel for Dogs opens this Friday, January 16th, 2009.