Kristen Bell is best known to fan-boys for her kick-ass roles on shows such as Heroes and Veronica Mars but the actress has also been building quite a comedic resume with her work on TV's Party Down and in films like Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Couples Retreat. Now the actress is headlining in her own romantic comedy entitled When In Rome, opening in theaters on January 29th. The movie is loosely based on the 1954 film Three Coins In The Fountain and features an all-star comedic cast that includes Josh Duhamel (Win A Date With Tad Hamilton!), John Heder (Napoleon Dynamite), Dax Shepard (Baby Mama), Will Arnett (Arrested Development), Danny DeVito (Get Shorty) and Anjelica Huston (The Royal Tenenbaums). We recently had a chance to sit down with a few of the stars of the new film including Kristen Bell, Josh Duhamel, Will Arnett and Jon Heder (who performed magic tricks for us) to discuss the new movie, their unique characters, working with the rest of the cast and the film's "Bollywood" ending. To watch our exclusive please interview click on the video clip below.

When In Rome stars Kristen Bell as an ambitious young New Yorker who, disillusioned with romance, takes a whirlwind trip to Rome for her sister's wedding. Once there she defiantly plucks "magic coins" from a "fountain of love," inexplicably igniting a spell and the passion of an odd group of suitors including a sausage magnate (Danny DeVito), a street magician (Heder), an adoring painter (Arnett) and a self-admiring model (Dax Shepard). But when a charming reporter (Duhamel) pursues her with equal zest, she has no way of knowing if his love is the real thing? Now, in order to break the curse and find her true love she will have to figure out how to return the coins to their rightful owners before her suitors drive her completely crazy. Starring Kristen Bell, Josh Duhamel, Jon Heder, Dax Shepard, Will Arnett, Alexis Dziena, Lee Pace, Don Johnson, Danny De Vito and Anjelica Huston. Directed by Mark Steven Johnson, When In Rome opens in theaters on January 29th.