We have an exclusive clip from the early moments of Where in the World Is Osama Bin Laden?, which hits the DVD shelves on August 26. Click below for an interesting video game segment from the beginning of this Morgan Spurlock documentary.

After revealing just what a diet of Big Macs can do to a person, filmmaker Morgan Spurlock takes a tongue-in-cheek look at another threat to our collective well-being in this witty documentary from the maker of Super Size Me. When Spurlock learns that he and his wife are expecting a baby, he decides that he wants the child to grow up in a safer world than we know today, so he takes it upon himself to track down the most dangerous man on Earth, Osama bin Laden. Spurlock hops on a plane and flies to the Middle East in search of his quarry, making stops in Egypt, Morocco, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, and Pakistan as he keeps an eye peeled for the head of Al Qaeda. When he isn't playing sleuth, Spurlock interviews people representing all walks of life, ranging from Orthodox Israeli enclaves and a mosque operated by rabidly anti-American Muslims to political moderates and ordinary folks at the supermarket, quizzing them about the nature of post-9/11 conflict and the need for peace.

Special Features

- Alternate Ending

- Animated History of Afghanistan

- Interview with Israeli President Shimon Peres

- Interview with Former IRA Leader Martin McGuinness

- Interview with Egypt's Democracy Activist Saad Ibrahim

- On Being a Woman in Saudi Arabia

- Secret Meeting at the Watergate Hotel