The fall finale of White Collar entitled S01E07: "Free Fall" is set to premier this Friday, December 4th, only on USA. In this exciting last episode before the new year, The FBI investigates a spectacular jewelry heist with all the clues pointing to Neal. Now Peter must figure out if his "partner" is telling the truth or if Neal is pulling a con of his own. We have an exclusive first-look at the episode as well as an all-new TV spot. To watch both of them, click on the video clips below:

This new show is about a convicted white-collar criminal who winds up working for the FBI man who caught him. To stay out of prison, Neal offers to help the FBI capture other white-collar criminals using his expertise. Created by Jeff Eastin and starring Matthew Bomer, Tim DeKay, Willie Garson, Tiffani Thiessen, Sharif Atkins, Natalie Morales, White Collar's fall finale will air this Friday, December 4th, only on USA.