Now here's a press day that had some drama to it. We were all gearing up for Martian Child interviews when word got back to John Cusack that his house (aka mansion) in Malibu was in imminent danger of burning down; which threw off his focus and made our little press event somewhat trivial. So John hightails it to the airport and got the first flight back to the land of sun and silicone. Let's hope that John's house made it. It would be a sad day if any Better Off Dead or One Crazy Summer memorabilia got burnt to a crisp.

Sans John, the party rocked on with surprising speed. We got a chance to sit down with the very lovely Amanda Peet and Martian Child himself, young Bobby Coleman. Amanda it seems had been asked the same questions all day and pleaded for a decent interview. You'll have to judge the video to see if I delivered or sucked it up. Bobby Coleman was really excited by the interviews. He and his family had everyone in good spirits. There's definitely something to be said for being young and not jaded. Check out the interviews below to hear Amanda Peet discuss adoption and Bobby Coleman on playing a troubled child.