We have just been provided with three exclusive video promo clips from the brand new series Tougher in Alaska, which premieres on Thursday, May 8 at 10 PM ET on the History Channel. The show is hosted by the rugged Alaskan Geo Beach, who's also an award-winning journalist. Click below to get your first taste of why it is indeed Tougher in Alaska.

Everything is Tougher in Alaska.

From earning a living to burying the dead, making-a-go in the far north requires adapting to extreme conditions. Life in Alaska is shaped by severe weather, rugged terrain and vast distances between communities, and the people who live there have a long and storied history of overcoming adversity and standing up to the extreme environment.

Tougher in Alaska is all about what it really takes -- guts, self-reliance, ingenuity and technology -- to survive and thrive in this great land.

Each hour-long episode explores a different, challenging job or location that vividly illustrates how working in Alaska is just plain harder than it is in the Lower 48. Our host, Alaskan Geo Beach, travels from his home in Homer to work these tough jobs at the far-flung corners of the huge state -- from remote bush communities in the interior to the western-most point of the Aleutian Islands, and from the wind-swept Arctic tundra to the craggy coastal mountains of Southeast. Along the way, he'll find out the hard way that Alaska dishes up lots of real work, real risks and really big fun.