Find Me Guilty: When MovieWeb recently sat down with actor Vin Diesel to discuss the upcoming dvd/news/news.php?id=5920|Chronicles of Riddick DVD release, we found him equally excited about his most dramatic project to date, currently lensing under legendary filmmaker Sidney Lumet. Set in 1980’s New York City, Find Me Guilty tells the story of the largest mob trial in American criminal history.

“I really, really love what I do,” beams the actor, “…to the point that I’m borderline obsessed with it. I’m in a very lucky position because, on one hand, I’m able to do these big action films that are fun and empowering. But on another level, I’m able to work with Sidney Lumet.”

Diesel, a former director himself, wears his boyish grin like a mask. “I’ve been working with Sidney for the last four weeks. I gained weight, my whole look has changed. I cannot tell you what kind of an unbelievable experience it’s been. I’ve locked myself up in my apartment for four weeks because I’m playing a character who is defending himself in court but living in prison…This is the only day that I’ve left my apartment. I’ve been so locked on this character, it’s amazing.”

When asked what he’s learned from working with such an iconic director, Diesel has nothing but praise.

“I’ve learned so much. He’s so incredible, so demanding. We’ll do five to thirteen pages of dialogue a day. He’ll do seven-to-ten minute talking shots. He has it all mapped out in his head. With Sidney, I’d be on set at six AM every morning just to watch him work…Every day that I go on set I feel like I’m doing an opening night performance. It’s very reminiscent of the theatrical experience.”

“What I really think…” says the actor with a confident smile. “What I really think is that Sidney Lumet is someone that we’ll all be reminded of next year when Find Me Guilty comes around.”

And that, we believe, is officially the beginning of next year's Oscar Buzz.