Gamers have we got a treat for you! Rest those fingers, sit back and relax because we have been given an exclusive clip from the upcoming DVD release of Lionsgate's Gamebox 1.0!

Gamebox 1.0 Exclusive Clip: "Reaching the Mountain Top"


Charlie Nash is an expert video game tester whose life has become unbearable after the tragic shooting of his girlfriend Kate. Finding no comfort in his friends or job, Charlie loses himself in video games. After receiving a mysterious test game in the mail, he immerses himself in its amazingly realistic, 3-D fantasy universe. However, Charlie soon learns this virtual world is very real, as he's plunged into a perilous, life-and-death battle against the game from which there is little chance of escape - or survival. In this pulse-pounding, effects-packed, sci-fi thriller, the only way out is to win.

Gamebox 1.0 clicks it's way to DVD April 10 from Lionsgate Home Entertainment!