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Exclusive: Halloween Horror Nights: "The Director" Webisode #3

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Fear strikes at the heart of "The Entertainment Capital of L.A." as Universal Studios Hollywood employs the incomparable resources of the world's largest movie studio, the birthplace of the horror genre, to present "Halloween Horror Nights." The production will redefine the "live" Halloween event and allow the public to have pedestrian access to the backlot for the first time in the studio's 93 years of operation.

"Halloween Horror Nights" will incorporate the twisted concepts of "The Director," a mysterious horror genre auteur whose warped vision caused him to be officially banned from the Universal lot. "The Director" has sworn revenge on the studio and has vowed that his production will go on, with or without the blessings of Universal executives.

Universal Studios Hollywood's "Halloween Horror Nights" will extend over seven nights beginning Friday the 13th of October and continue on October 14, 20-21, 27-28 and on Halloween, October 31.


In true cinematic fashion, Universal Studios Hollywood will invite guests to experience a "reel" horror production helmed by "The Director." "Halloween Horror Nights" will take unwitting guests on a horror chase from the theme park environs to the sets and backlot of the famed movie studio where they may become "live" prey in the "The Director's" masterpiece.

For the first time in the studio's history, guests will be permitted to disembark the "Terror" Tram and parade through such original movie film sets as War of the Worlds, Psycho House and Bates Motel, newly peppered with a disturbing display of blood-thirsty Zombies and unspeakable creatures. The journey will provide a gruesome yet vividly memorable experience.

From the moment guests enter "Halloween Horror Nights," they'll be struck by its raw intensity. Uniquely themed Horror Zones -- pockets of terror - will appear throughout the theme park, each with its own array of Zombies and "scareactors." A strong constitution will be a guest's prerequisite. The weak-spirited may need to reconsider. As guests weave their way through the theme park, they'll find there's no reprieve as they encounter more and more Zombies at every twist and turn.

Here's a sampling of what to expect at "Halloween Horror Nights":


This is "Halloween Horror Night's" marquee attraction. It's also where "The Director" is casting for his underground film and where guests will be blind-sided into an open casting call - completely unbeknownst to them. They'll congregate as spectators while "The Director" observes from afar as he systematically selects who'll make the cut...and who won't. Once they disembark the tram and serendipitously stroll down a Zombie infested area, they'll bear witness to unspeakable acts of mayhem. Guests may never be the same again once they experience the Sorority Party massacre, become prey to Killer Clowns and traipse through decaying corpses at the "War of the Worlds" 747 jetliner wreckage site.



A freakish twist of fate turns an ordinary nut house for the deeply demented into a hellacious horror environment, shepherding guests through a labyrinth of corridors and one-on-one encounters with the dangerously insane. In this truly maddening experience, guests will need to summon inner strength to exit in one piece. Sample rooms within the Asylum include:

- The Kitchen: Same old boring institutional food is replaced with savory cannibal fare, starting with a "gory-met" first course: stuffed nurse á l'orange.

- The Lab: Newly run by inmates where precision incisions are made for little noninvasive procedures like a lobotomy.

- The Bathroom: Talk about artsy-fartsy, who knew the many applications of...feces. No arts and crafts awards here.

- Lock Down: Adding insults to injury, the inmates aren't just disturbed, they're also severely deformed...try not to be one of the unlucky guests locked in the lock down basement.


Universal's classic horror films burst through the celluloid veil to send guests on a terrifying trek through a gruesome "House of Horrors" where too-close-for-comfort encounters with many of filmdom's most notorious creatures are commonplace. Highlights of the creepy confines include:

- Flesh & Blood: paying homage to film's Vampires and Cannibals

- Nightmares & Screamscapes: saluting supernatural horror

- Psycho Killers: for the far-from-silly slasher films

- The Laughing Death: for its sage reminder that laughter isn't always the best medicine

- Monster Mash: acknowledging the venerable classic monster


Sensitive folks and those with short fuses should consider detouring their trek through "Halloween Horror Nights" to avoid "Chucky's Insultorium" where they risk slander from Hollywood's least charismatic leading man whose demented demeanor and indiscriminate insults feast on the feeble, the ill at ease and socially inept.


Freaks and geeks take center stage when such oddities as "The Human Pin Cushion," "The Human Garbage Disposal" and "The Grinder" proudly display a variety of talents of which their mom's would be proud. Flaunting their exhibition of self-mutilations while dining on swords, fire and glass, these eccentrics toast their strong suits with stomach churning chasers of cockroaches, worms and maggots. "Halloween Horror Nights" recommendation: don't eat first.


Lurking around every corner and parading down the theme park's cobblestone streets are countless "scareactors" encounters and meetings with a barrage of Bubonic Plague-infected Zombies in all phases of gnarly decomposition. The dead and undead and every level in between will prey on victim-guests whose shrills will fall on deaf ears, drowned out by the surrounding mêlée of lunacy.

Also dispersed throughout "Halloween Horror Night" will be a selection of theatrics, high voltage musical performances and scary twists on some theme park favorites. For example:


Think over-zealous couch-jumpers, drunken slander sessions and miscalculated bullet-flying-duck-hunting excursions and the cast of an irreverent Fear Factor Live: Celebrity Tabloid edition leaps to life. This A-listers gone wild display intricately tosses a mix of gore and guts with highly offensive humor along with some sex and violence exposing guests to a very off-putting and tasteless experience...not to dissimilar to what's featured in the weekly tabs.


Multiple performances by trance music - performance artists The Mutaytor, a multi-media ensemble that was formed at the legendary Burning Man Festival by members of Oingo Boingo, Supertramp and other musical and theatrical groups will rock throughout "Halloween Horror Nights." The Mutaytor's blend of pyrotechnics, stunt performance, tribal dancers and pounding percussion-a riotously surreal techno-retro-funk-audience-will add a spine-tingling and alarming element to the overall Halloween experience.


A virtual adventure ride combining the world's most sophisticated 3-D imaging with spectacular live action stunt work and visceral special effects, "Terminator 2: 3D" gets a major attitude adjustment for "Halloween Horror Nights." Sci-fi fans will be awed with an arsenal of terrifying creatures, heart pounding suspense while acid-tongue dialogue whips at the "Governator."


Havoc erupts when Universal's oldest monsters turn their ravenous appetites on unsuspecting guests thrust unwittingly into the cold, still night of the Jurassic era. Only inches from gigantic carnivorous dinosaurs, guests in fear of their lives will navigate uncharted waters before they plunge head-first down an 84-foot drop into the frigid waters of "Jurassic Park-The Ride."


Fear of the dark, fear of insects, fear of speed, fear of heights and fear of death are served up to deliver the world's first psychological thrill ride roller coaster. Utilizing animatronics, sophisticated motion picture technology, state-of-the-art ride, audio and robotics engineering, the ride preys upon every human phobia, immersing guests in a total multi-sensory environment in utter darkness.


Strapped into a hyper-speed, aerodynamic DeLorean and engulfed in an icy fog, guests will find themselves on an erratic journey through time spanning from the Ice Age to sometime in the near future as they navigate a harried mission to save the world.


"Halloween Horror Nights" screams to life on Friday, the 13th of October and continues for six additional nights on October 14, 20-21; 27-28, 31.'' The horror begins nightly at 7:00 p.m.

Tickets are available at www.HalloweenHorrorNights.com and range in price from $34 to $39 when purchased in advance. More information is also available at www.UniversalStudiosHollywood.com.