Christa Campbell Talks 2001 Maniacs: Field of Screams

Christa Campbell The Milk Maiden returns when this cult smash arrives on DVD July 20th

Every great horror movie needs an iconic harbinger of doom, and in the case of 2001 Maniacs: Field of Screams, which arrives in stores on DVD July 20th in both an Unrated and Rated edition, Christa Campbell serves as our buxom, bawdy bad girl escort into the torrid, gruesomely hilarious world that director Tim Sullivan has created.

A sequel to 2006's 2001 Maniacs, Christa once again reprises her sexy Milk Maiden role for a whole new generation of gore-hungry fans. We recently caught up with the lovely Miss Campbell, and here is what she had to say:

Tim Sullivan tells me that it was your idea to get completely splattered in blood, and that you started a chain reaction on set where everyone wanted to join in the gruesome, naked mayhem that was going on. Is that true?

Christa Campbell: I'd already done the first movie. With the newcomers coming into the film, the newbies? Tim wanted me to make sure they were relaxed. And he wanted me to talk to them about the nudity. Because we wanted them to know it wasn't going to be anything shady. Basically. I told them, "He is going to shoot it beautifully. It's going to be great, The movie already has a following. Its not like you are doing a shitty horror movie. You are doing something that is already successful."

The first one does have a pretty big following. But in the liner notes on the DVD, we see that Tim wasn't quite happy with how it came out. What is your opinion on the first movie? And how does this new one stack up?

Christa Campbell: In the first movie? They had a lot of producers on it. We came to the set, and Tim had an idea about how he wanted the movie to be. They had other ideas. We were sort of clueless as actors, in regards to what was really going on. We had never portrayed these characters before. We were just doing the scenes. I guess he wanted it to be more of a comedy than straight horror. The producers wanted it to be straight horror, so the film was edited in that direction. This time around, Tim got to make the movie he wanted to make. This has more comedy in it. He is really pushing it. He is pushing the limit.

What do you see in this one that was maybe absent in that first film? Especially in terms of your Milk Maiden character? She is all over this DVD box. You are the face of this franchise now!

Christa Campbell: It is really, really, really cool! My time in the first one was very small. I was only there for what seemed like a moment. A lot of people really liked the character. She got promoted! It was a character that people liked, so he brought her back. In the first movie, we all portrayed our characters. In the second movie, we all understood our characters. We already knew whom we were playing. We could take that to the next level. It was easy. It wasn't like we were introducing these characters. Everyone knows who they are. Now, lets fuck with everyone. Let's push it. You'll see that the Milk Maiden gets crazy. She is involved in all kinds of different killing scenes in this second one. She transforms. She is not just the Milk Maiden. She becomes a nurse. Or whatever else she becomes. She is a bunch of different characters in this new movie. You get to see different sides to her.

Have you actually gone and learned how to milk a cow? Or is that just the moniker you're getting slapped with?

Christa Campbell: I don't even know what a milk maiden is. Is it milking a cow? Is that what it is?}

Yeah, you get a little stool, and you sit under there and you milk the utters.

Christa Campbell: I thought it was just a reference to big breasts.

What was it like for you to have Bill Moseley come in and take over for Robert England in the Buckman role?

Christa Campbell: Yeah, Bill Moseley is so cool. He is such a great guy. Robert Englund is cool, too. When I first met him, he was so friendly. He has a thousand stories to tell you. They are both great guys. The difference is their style of acting. They are both great actors. I think Robert was big and intense. Where Bill was really approachable. He is more normal, yet he is playing this weird character. He was really great. I love them both. I never had a problem with the change.

How much of a hand did you have in selecting your outfits in this film? Is that something you helped out with? Or was that all due to the costume designer?

Christa Campbell: That was all due to the costume designer. Tim and I talked about having her in different outfits. Knowing that we weren't going to have a lot of money, I was a little bit worried. What is weird is that they put together some great outfits. We had a great costume designer. I loved my outfits here much more than the one I wore in the original. For the first film, we had this woman from Georgia hand-make all of the costumes. They were great. But the costumes now are much more colorful. They are up to date. I just love them. We had a really cool dance sequence, and the costumes were amazing. We had some ideas. We would say, "Wouldn't it be cool if we had this? Or that?" And our costume designer would run out and get it. We were lucky to have such a great costume designer.

Lin Shaye is such an icon, especially when it comes to genre fare. She always takes it to the next level. Were you able to glean anything off of her in terms of embracing the more gory or more depraved aspects of a particular joke or scene?

Christa Campbell: When you see the film, you'll see that Lin Shaye is the star of our movie. Every scene? She is amazing. She took this movie to another level. I loved working with her. She is so inspiring. You shuffle around this town, and you get cynical. You get bitchy. You want to say, "Fuck it!" Then you sit with Lin, and she is so inspiring. She is so about the work. She will sit down and go, "I have this great idea for this scene. We can do this! We can do that!" She always has great ideas. I was like, "Wow!" She always has such great ideas, and she pushes herself. As an actor, she is so amazing to be around. She is a real actor's actor. Working with her is great. We have a scene outside, where we are going to find one of the kids that is hiding in a tree. On the page, it was pretty bland. We went in there and we created all of this cool stuff. There was a cool energy. It turned out great because of that. Lin kept saying, "I am going to do this! I am going to do that!" She really takes it off the page and to the next level.

Did you find that you were able to do that a lot throughout the making of this movie? To come in and pump up the energy of what was on the page?

Christa Campbell: The dialogue in the script was great. We have that one scene you were talking about earlier, where I am getting sprayed with all of the blood. It was so much fun. This whole shoot was completely magical. We only had twelve days. We had no time to fuck around. Basically, we were on schedule. It was a blast. I had another girl staying in my trailer, and the editor was in their editing the film. I was always dancing, and playing my music. They would say, "Come do the nurse scene. You are going to kill!" So I go over there singing and dancing. Tim is like, "Do that in the scene! Do that! When you are killing her, dance!" That killing scene became this crazy orgasmic moment where we are dancing and blood is shooting all over us. We are screaming and dancing. That came just from that whole moment of me dancing from my trailer to the set.

Twelve days is less than two weeks. That had to account for some very long nights. Did you ever feel delirious at any point?

Christa Campbell: I had so much fun shooting this film. When you are having that much fun, you can't sleep. It's so weird. We would shoot, and then we would all stay and hang out just to hang out after the shoot. The energy was so strong, and so supportive on this shoot, it was like one big, fun party. I was like, "Do I want to go back to the hotel? No! I want to stay and hang out." I literally don't think I slept the whole time. But we all had such a great experience. The energy was so great. I came back from the shoot, and people were like, "what is wrong with you? Why are you smiling?" I was like, "I don't know? I just had such a great time!" It stuck with me for a week after I got back. I was just so happy. Everything flowed really well. We expected problems. But we really didn't have any.

Does that mean you'll be back for part three?

Christa Campbell: Of course. I don't think Tim has written a script. I don't know if he has a specific idea yet. I think he is going to take some time and mull it over. If this is successful, then it's a no brainer. I think it's going to be successful. Its different than anything you've seen in your whole life. I have never seen a movie like this ever. Is it the greatest movie on the planet? No. But I have never seen anything like it.

It's a lot of fun.

Christa Campbell: I've never seen anything like it. We didn't have a lot of money. On the first one, we had a lot more money. On the second one, we didn't have hardly any money.

Are you open enough with Tim that if you have an idea for the Milk Maiden in part three, you can share that with him?

Christa Campbell: We already had some ideas. People love seeing Nivek Ogre and I together, so we are thinking that we will take that relationship to the next step. He had this idea. He said, "People love this!" He wants to do more of those scenes. I sort of stay out of it. If I had a great idea, I would tell him. I am not a writer. There was originally a kissing booth scene. He wanted me in the kissing booth, and he switched it up. I said, "Thank God!"

You didn't want to be in there kissing a bunch of weird actors, or what?

Christa Campbell: Oh, no! In the first movie there were a couple of girls making out. They were lesbians. They were "kissing cousins". At the premiere, my mom was like, "Oh my God! Thank God that is not your part." (laughs)

2001 Maniacs: Field of Screams arrives in stores on July 20th in both an Unrated and Rated edition.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange