When you traipse through the (name removed) Hotel in Vancouver, B.C., there's no telling whom you might run into. Dubbed the (name removed) by Arielle Kebbel, on location this month filming A Tale of Two Sisters, its where most actors end up crashing when they are shipped off to the country of back bacon and Pilsner beer for a gig. As soon as I walked in the door of the swanky accommodations, I spotted Robocop's Miguel Ferrer heading off to a party. Then Kebbel waltzed through with a huge smile on her face. Later that night, a few fellow journalists from IESB.net, IGN.com, and I spotted Jeffery Dean Morgan hanging out in the lounge.

I went up to the man and chatted with him for a moment. He was a very pleasant and corrigible fellow, though I sensed that he could kill me in a heartbeat. If you didn't know, he is playing The Comedian in Zack Snyder's theatrical adaptation of Watchmen (not to be confused with Keanu Reeves' The Night Watchman). I asked how his shoot was going, and he said, "They have us all up here in Vancouver on a very regimented diet and workout program. We're all in training right now." About the actual movie, he claimed, "We're all being kept in the dark about what is actually going on with the production. Everybody is asking me about, and I don't know much myself. They are pretty much keeping me in the dark as well. You probably know more than me."

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We exchanged a few pleasantries, then he said, "I assure you, they are keeping it pretty close to the book. Everything is going to be exactly the same." He went on to describe it as being as close to the comic as the film version of 300 was to its source material, which was also directed by Zack Snyder. I thanked him and went on my way.

"I know that's not much to go on, but hey, that's my scoop!" (tm)