While doing press for the upcoming holiday thriller P2, Wes Bentley was posed with the question, "Would you play Ash in a remake of The Evil Dead?" Why was he asked this? Because, as we all know, director Sam Raimi has long considered producing a remake of his seminal horror classic. Yet, the fans don't think Bruce Campbell can be replaced. I was in the same camp until I saw Bentley's deliciously creepy portrayal of a lonesome parking garage attendant in P2. For the entire duration of the film, all I could think about was, "This guy would make the best Ash ever. He is the only guy that can star in the remake and do justice to it."

Bentley is completely open to the idea, and says that he even studied Bruce Campbell's signature body movements and physical acting methods at Julliard. For a his complete response, check out the video interview below...

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P2 opens in theaters this Friday, November 9th, 2007.