During our recent interview with Wes Craven for the Paris, Je T'Aime DVD release, we got the director to chime in on New Line Cinema's proposed prequel to A Nightmare On Elm Street.

Can you give us any news on the development of the A Nightmare On Elm Street prequel?

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Wes Craven: No, I couldn't, because I'm not privy to any information about it. (Laughs) No, it's true. I haven't heard anything about it. I've been kind of buried in my own projects. But New Line hasn't contacted me, or anything like that.

Can you give us any word on anything that you're working on right now?

Wes Craven: Yeah, well... let's just say that a couple of projects that we've been developing are looking like they might well go forward, but I think right now we're still not making the official press release. There are going to be a couple of things going forward in the coming months, for sure.