Platinum Dunes' A Nightmare on Elm Street remake/reboot, which was released in April of last year, was both a critical and financial flop. Fans hated what Bradley Fuller and Andrew Form did with the character and the changes made to the original storyline.

Now that Wes Craven, original creator of the that film's iconic slasher Freddy Krueger, has returned to Woodsboro for Scream 4, some fans have speculated that he may eventually return to A Nightmare on Elm Street as well somewhere down the line. After all, he did produce a remake of his very own The Last House on the Left.

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Well, the answer to that from the man himself is a firm and resounding, "No!"

We recently had the chance to speak with Wes Craven about dragging ol' Ghostface out of the mothballs, and we were forced to pose this question to him: Now that the Nightmare on Elm Street remake has disappointed nearly every fan of Freddy Krueger, do you think you will ever return to that character?

Here is his response:

"No! I have no ownership in it. The original people I did it with are all gone. If you have no control or ownership when it comes to those things, and its being taken over by other people, you tend to lose interest. There are much more creative situations that I can get myself into, rather than a situation where I would be working for someone else who is exploiting something I created. It wouldn't be a very happy situation."

So no new Freddy for the foreseeable future. Sorry, horror fans.