Throughout the 80s, Bill Paxton and Michael Biehn shared some mighty strong on-screen chemistry in such hit films as Aliens, The Terminator, and Tombstone, so it seems like a no-brainer that the two might reunite on an episode of Paxton's hit HBO series Big Love sometime in the near future. Sadly that will mostly likely never happen according to Biehn, who was out promoting the upcoming Tombstone Blu-ray release, which hits stores on April 27th. The actor tells us that producers once considered him for the part of Bill's Uncle Eddie, and then much to his chagrin, turned around and gave it to someone else. Which didn't sit well with Biehn at all. Here is what he told us:

You and Bill Paxton always have such great chemistry on screen. And you've been in quite a few films together. Is there any chance we'll see you reuniting with him on Big Love?

Michael Biehn: I don't think so. I went out and met the producers about being on the show. It was a part that Brian Kerwin ended up playing. I went out there, put myself out for them, and they went in a different direction. Which didn't sit that well with me. I've never seen the show, but I didn't like the way I was treated by the producers. They enticed me to come out there, meet, and talk, read through stuff. Then they turned around and gave it to Brian Kerwin. I was like, "Ugh!" Big Love? The producers on that show left a bad taste in my mouth. I love Bill. He had nothing to do with it. He is a great company man over there. We've done five movies together. Once he gets off that show, he is going to be directing again. He likes directing. And I'd love to work with him. We go all the way back to The Lords of Discipline. He is a great, fun, knowledgeable guy at this point. Filmmaker wise, acting wise. He has done some great movies that you sometimes forget that he was in. Like Apollo 13, and A Simple Plan, and Frailty. He is a great guy. Its not Bill that I hold any resentment against. It's just how the situation was handled. I'm not that interested in Big Love anyway. The whole concept to me is a bore.

Big Love doesn't return for its all-new season five until January of 2011.