This past Friday, I met up with the gang behind Will Farrell's new comedy Semi-Pro. While those exclusive video interviews will be coming to you soon, I did ask a couple of the guys about some highly anticipated projects coming our way. First, I hit Will Arnett up about the much talked about Arrested Development movie. He seems quite optimistic that this will definitely be happening.

The actor stated, "It's a long way from the lip to the cup, but yes, I do think an Arrested Development movie is going to happen sometime in the near future. It is hard to say when because a script needs to be written. With the strike over, it is looking more optimist. It certainly has been talked about recently. I'm on board. I think everyone wants to come back. "

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I also hit Woody Harrelson up about his participation in The A-Team. It is well known that John Singleton wants Woody to play Murdoch in the film. The actor said, "There haven't been any official meetings yet. But the script is looking really good. All things considered...Would I do it? Yes. John Singleton is one of the best directors around today, and it would be an honor to work with him."

Semi-Pro opens February 29th, 2008.