Fans of the six-time Emmy Award winning Fox series Arrested Development have been begging for a feature film starring the Bluth family since the critically acclaimed show was suddenly canceled after only three seasons in 2006. In early 2008 the show's star Jason Bateman and series creator Mitchell Hurwitz stated that they were moving forward with Arrested Development the movie and that the series' executive producer/narrator Ron Howard might even direct. With Hurwitz writing the script and supposedly the entire cast wanting to reprise their roles Bateman announced in July of last year that the film was happening and that it would be in theaters in about a year and a half. However, in contradiction to that, comedian David Cross who portrayed Dr. Tobias Funke on the show stated publicly last September that he didn't know anything about a script and that he hadn't heard anything about the film.

We had the opportunity to speak with actor/comedian Will Arnett, who played the oldest Bluth sibling Gob on the show, over the weekend while he was promoting his new film When in Rome, opening in theaters on January 29th. With Arrested Development the movie seemingly up in the air, we asked the actor specifically about the film adaptation of the series and when that might begin production? "What is that? I've never heard of that. I have no idea what you are talking about," the actor replied jokingly. "No, we're real close," Arnett confirmed. "We're just finalizing the script and should begin shooting it this year," he concluded. The actor went on to say that he was looking forward to returning to the role of Gob and reuniting with his fellow cast mates, all of who have stayed very close according to the actor. He went on to mention that he is currently working on a new TV project for the UK's Channel Four with David Cross and has recently started a new digital production company called DumbDumb with co-star and friend Jason Bateman. So Arrested Development fans can rest a little easier tonight knowing that Michael, Gob and the rest of the loveable Bluth family members will be coming soon to a theater near you!

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Arnett can next be seen in the romantic comedy When in Rome also starring Kirsten Bell and Josh Duhamel, which opens in theaters on January 29th. Please check back with us in a few weeks for our exclusive interview with Will Arnett and the rest of the cast of the new film.