Will Smith and Rosario Dawson were out making the press rounds for their new holiday drama Seven Pounds today. While having an in-depth conversation with Rosario about Will Smith's "very sexy ears" she let it slip that he would be playing Barack Obama sometime in the near future. Having only heard rumors about the aspects of Smith playing Obama, I of course asked Will about the idea when I sat down to talk with him.

Smith said that he was definitely considering playing the president elect sometime in the future, and then remarked that his ears made him a lock for the role. It's a joke he has shared many times. He explained that a Barack Obama biopic excited him because the film, "Already has one heck of an ending!" For anyone that is expecting to see this within the next couple of years might have to hold their breath, though. If Mr. Smith has it his way, he'd want to wait eight years before producing and starring in a film about America's first black president. He also commented that he'd want to wait until at least six months after Obama was out of office before releasing it, which he felt should have been done with Oliver Stone's W. Still, there is a chance that we could see a film about Obama starring Smith sooner that.

You can watch our entire conversation about this later in the month when we will have exclusive video interviews with both Will Smith and Rosario Dawson in support of Seven Pounds, which opens December 19th.