While speaking with Corey Feldman yesterday about the second season premier of his A&E program The Two Coreys, the subject of him appearing in The Lost Boys 3 came up. With the second film on the horizon, and fans awaiting its arrival with great anticipation, this is what our favorite Corey had to say about a possible third Frog Brothers outing:

"When it comes to Lost Boys 3, there is obviously talk. There is obviously speculation. It has been part of the master plan, and that goes back to releasing the upcoming comic book series. That series will fill in the gaps between the first and second film. I think it all sets the stage for the third one. And there have been many discussions about what that film might be. At this point, there has been no firm decision. I think it is really a wait and see decision at this point. We have to see how people respond to the second film, and how well it does. All those sorts of things. Even if they do make it, there is no ultimate decision as to whether I will be a part of it. I guess all of that has yet to be seen."

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You can catch Corey this Sunday, June 22nd, when the first episode of The Two Coreys makes its debut. And look for The Lost Boys: The Tribe to hit DVD and Blu-Ray on July 29th of this year.