Oh, God! Its another Justice League of America rumor! When will they ever stop?

We have a very trusted source fresh from the set of The Dark Knight, who has worked with Maggie Gyllenhaal doing live theater. As you know, Maggie stars as Rachel Dawes (replacing Katie Holmes) in the upcoming bat sequel. Our source confirms that Gyllenhaal has in fact been approached about appearing in the new Justice League of America film. Only, there is a catch. It would be a cameo, in which she would appear alongside her brother Jake.

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That's right. The Gyllenhaal siblings have been approached with the idea of playing Jayna and Zan, the Wonder Twins. One of them can turn into water. They other can turn into an animal (let the jokes commence). It's not known whether they would be using their powers on screen, but they are being added as a source of humor to the film. George Miller, who recently added The Martian Manhunter to the current circulating script, is also a huge fan of the twins. Our source claims that Miller only wants the Twins in for a quick wink and nod reference, but will probably abandon the idea if the Gyllenhaals decline their current offer.

Our source has been right about 98% of the time when it comes to his little tidbits of information, but this sounds a little too goofy. I wouldn't even post this weird rumor, except I love the sound of Maggie Gyllenhaal in tight purple spandex. I bet Jake would look pretty good too. In the form of a toilet bowl flush.

"That's my scoop, and I'm sticking to it!" (tm)