I just got off the phone with producer Nicholas Tabarrok for the upcoming DVD release of Defendor, which hits the shelves on April 13. While the majority of the interview revolved around that film, which starred Woody Harrelson, when we got to chatting about what projects he has lined up next, it seems Harrelson will be involved in one of those films as well.

Tabarrok revealed that Harrelson will be starring in a brand new con artist film that he is producing entitled The Gospel According to Roscoe. Take a look below at what Tabarrok had to say about the story of this brand new film project, and he also tells us who will direct the film as well.

Nicholas Tabarrok: I have a film called The Gospel According to Roscoe, which is a really funny, clever, con-artist movie. The idea is that the second book ever printed, the first one was the Bible, and the second one was an obscure Second Testament written by this guy called Roscoe. It was forgotten over the thousands of years and it's one of the most valuable books in the world. These two brothers who are art thieves, one who is reformed, the other one who isn't, decides to go after this book. The brothers are estranged, they don't speak anymore, but they come together for this one last heist. It's a very smart and clever con artist movie. In fact, Woody is going to be one of the brothers in the movie. I sent the script to Woody and he loved it, so he's going to be in that film and we're going out to the actors for the second brother now. It's really fun, really exciting, kind of Snatch-esque, a very stylish comedy.

Are you guys looking at directors as well?

Nicholas Tabarrok: The director is going to be a young guy that I just finished working with on another film. He also wrote the screenplay. His name is Jonathan Sobol and I'm currently in post-production on another film of his, his directorial debut, called A Beginner's Guide to Endings, which we're editing right now.

When are you looking to move forward on that? Is there a production start date set?

Nicholas Tabarrok: I want to shoot this summer.

Stay tuned for my full interview with producer Nicholas Tabarrok in the very near future.