Way back in 2013, we reported that Morgan Creek Productions had teamed up with screenwriter Jeremy Slater for a TV series remake of the classic horror film The Exorcist. That report revealed that the production company was shopping the potential series around, with the project garnering interest from several broadcast and cable networks, although no specific networks were mentioned. Today we have word from The Hollywood Reporter that Fox has issued a pilot order for the potential series, with Jeremy Slater remaining on board to write the pilot script.

The news comes just a few months after Morgan Creek Productions issued a brief statement on their official Twitter page that they "will never attempt to remake The Exorcist." This statement came just after the news that Morgan Creek was planning on selling off its entire 78-film library, although they would keep the remake rights to five of these movies, one of which was The Exorcist, with the others being Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, Major League, Young Guns and Flying Tigers. This new report reveals that Morgan Creek will be producing the TV remake along with 20th Century Fox Television.

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The TV series was described as a modern-day reinvention that is inspired by William Peter Blatty's original novel, which The Exorcist was adapted from. The plot follows two very different men who are investigating one family's case of a terrifying demonic possession, which puts them face-to-face with true evil. The original Exorcist movie starred Ellen Burstyn, Max von Sydow, Lee J. Cobb and Linda Blair as the young woman possessed by a terrifying demon.

Jeremy Slater will also executive produce the pilot alongside James Robinson, David Robinson and Barbara Wall. The Exorcist made a whopping $193 million during its original theatrical run in 1973, with a lifetime total of $232 million that includes re-issues. When the original $193 million gross is adjusted for inflation, that tally equates to $897.9 million in today's market. The original film is widely considered as one of the scariest movies of all time.

This won't be the first time that Fox has turned a beloved movie into a new TV series. This fall, the network debuted Minority Report, although it didn't perform too well and a second season renewal remains in doubt. The network was also considering a series based on the 1980 hit Urban Cowboy, but they passed on the project last month. What do you think about The Exorcist moving to the small screen on Fox?