The Expendables stars Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Dolph Lundgren recently reunited at Schwarzenegger's place. The trio have shared videos on social media of the event and it has since gone viral as they trade friendly insults back and forth. The three friends are clearly having an excellent time and one can't help but wonder if any discussion about Expendables 4 happened since Stallone recently announced he has been inspired to get to work on the story.

The party at the Arnold Schwarzenegger residence was in honor of hosting the German football team FC Bayern Munich. All three of the actors have aged, but that's what normal humans do over the years. Schwarzenegger is 71, Sylvester Stallone is 73, and Dolph Lundgren is 61. However, they refuse to grow up. Stallone says, "Men that refuse to grow up. Actually why bother??? We're having fun! Grow old UNgracefully!!!!!!" in the caption of the video. Schwarzenegger has his trademark cigar in his mouth and looks really good after finishing his work on Terminator: Dark Fate.

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"My hand looks better than your face. I want my face covered like that," says Sylvester Stallone to Arnold Schwarzenegger. The trio laughs as Schwarzenegger states, "Sly thinks his hand looks better than my face. Look at how handsome I am! Look at Dolph, look at this beauty here." Arnold then declares that Stallone "can't stand it to have so many beautiful guys around him." However, Stallone delivers the last blow. "We are aging so well, like a couple of saddles in the desert," to which Schwarzenegger replies, "exactly." It's cool to see the action legends standing around at a party and having some fun with each other.

As far as getting the band back together for The Expendables 4, Arnold Schwarzenegger has said he is willing to return as long as Sylvester Stallone is on board and likes the story. Since Stallone is currently writing the story for the sequel, it would seem he'll be pretty happy with it, so we'll probably get some kind of announcement in the near future. As for Dolph Lundgren, he recently reunited with Stallone in Creed 2 and he is also into returning to the Expendables franchise.

Sylvester Stallone has Rambo: Last Blood coming this fall, while Arnold Schwarzenegger has Terminator: Dark Fate coming in November. The two action stars are still at the top of their game and pulling things off better than people half their age, so another Expendables movie seems like a no-brainer. However, for the time being, the two actors are going to be promoting the new movies on the way, which will probably lead to Expendables 4 questions, which Stallone will undoubtedly have an answer for. You can check out video of the three friends getting together and trading insults below, thanks to Sylvester Stallone's Instagram account.