Something Extra Ordinary is coming to SXSW this weekend. Meet Rose, she has supernatural abilities. And she's about to use them to help her neighborhood in what could be one of the strangest films playing the Austin fest this year. We have the first trailer and poster for you to check out.

Rose is a sweet, lovely driving instructor gifted with supernatural abilities. Set within the rural Ireland landscape, Rose has tried to come to terms with her powers, but must constantly refuse various requests to exorcise spirits from garbage cans or a pile of haunted gravel.

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Things take a turn for the weird when one-hit wonder and washed up rock star Christian Winter shows up. He's made a deal with the devil, hoping to propel himself back to stardom. And in turn, he puts a hex on a local teenager. The girl's frieghtened father reaches out to Rose for help. But Rose is terrified of her gift, an obstacle she'll have to overcome if she's ever going to save this youngest from a fate worse than death. Her plight should be a simple one. 'Save the girl, get the guy, and be home for a light snack'. Of course, life is never that easy. Mike Ahern and Enda Loughman directed Extra Ordinary.

Will Forte headlines a cast that also includes Maeve Higgins and Claudia O'Doherty. The movie will have its world premiere at the film festival portion of SXSW. The big screening goes down Sunday night March 10 at 5:30pm.

Mike Ahern and Enda Loughman previously collaborated on two shorts before turning Extra Ordinary into their feature length directorial debut. In 2009 they collaborated on Mr. Foley, then two years later they did The Hatch. Enda even makes an appearance in the supernatural comedy playing the Bellyflop Guy, a role not to many people would volunteer for. Mike also threw himself in the mix playing the Bin Man.

Maeve Higgins headlines the movie as Rose Dooley. She got her start acting in the 2005 TV series Naked Camera, where she took on many different roles. She has played bit parts on Moone Boy and Inside Amy Schumer, making her feature film debut in last year's The Rainbow Bridge Motel. She will follow up her role in Extra Ordinary with the comedy Senior Escort Service.

You can check out the first trailer for Extra Ordinary, which comes from Entertainment Weekly. If you like what you see, and you're going to be in Austin this Sunday, then you better secure your tickets quick. There is no official street date for this to hit in wide release, so it could be a couple months before you get another chance. The rest of us will just have to wait it out.

Extra Ordinary poster