FilmNation has acquired Guy Hibbert's screenplay Eye in the Sky, which is being fast-tracked into production for Oliver Hirschbiegel (Downfall, The Invasion) to direct.

The story follows a group of random characters across the globe, whose lives are affected by the decision to take out an East African home with a drone missile. This marks the second collaboration between Oliver Hirschbiegel and Guy Hibbert after the 2009 drama Five Minutes of Heaven.

FilmNation's Karen Lunder will produce Eye In the Sky with Aaron Ryder and Five Minutes of Heaven producer Stephen Wright. Here's what Oliver Hirschbiegel had to say about the project.

"It's truly a wild ride focusing on twenty people in different countries and how their decisions impact a street corner somewhere in Nairobi. It's a story I haven't seen told before on screen."

Production is scheduled to start on Eye In the Sky sometime later this year.