The Flash movie star Ezra Miller has found himself running from controversy over the last few days since a video clip went viral of the actor choking a female fan before body-slamming her in what appears to have been a jovial altercation that went too far. Well, since then rumors have been zipping around the internet faster than, well, the Flash, and now former The Flash movie director John Francis Daley appears to throw shade on star Ezra Miller via a somewhat cryptic post on social media.

Shortly after the video began to make headlines, director John Francis Daley sent out this short message that simply says, 'Creative Differences.' That would appear to be directed at Miller. The message simply is clearly alluding to the usual, diplomatic explanation for why creative teams exit projects in Hollywood. Based on the timing of this though, one can feel confident in assuming that Daley is implying that the differences that led to his and co-director Jonathan Goldstein's exit was directly related to Miller.

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Prior to Daley and Goldstein exiting The Flash, there were reports circulating that Ezra Miller was clashing with them over their vision for the movie. Whilst Miller was more interested in a "darker" take on the Scarlet Speedster, no doubt in keeping with the DC movies of director Zack Snyder, Daley and Goldstein were looking to make something more akin to beloved family adventure franchise Back to the Future. These differences ultimately led Miller to branch off and write his own script in an attempt to convince Warner Bros. to move The Flash in his preferred direction. The studio then considered recasting Miller if the issues with Daley and Goldstein's vision continued, but ultimately this came to nothing. In the end, Miller's script wasn't chosen, with the studio also deciding to stick with Miller, leading to Daley and Goldstein leaving the project.

The Flash movie is now movie ahead with It and Mama director Andy Muschietti, which suggests Miller may well have gotten the dark take on the character he wanted. At present, Miller is still lined up to star in the movie, though it remains to be seen what WB and DC will do now, though, as the video is quite troubling.

Though the details surrounding the clip are still a rumor, the same source who shared the choke video has alleged that also Miller also spat on them, and showed them "scars" on his body from all of the recent brawls he has apparently been in. Following this, the woman jokingly goaded Miller to a fight, with the actor clearly taking it too seriously, choking her before violently forcing her to the ground. Of course, these details have yet to be confirmed.

Miller is still all set to suit up as The Flash, as well as return as the tortured Credence Barebone in the upcoming Fantastic Beasts 3, though it is, of course, possible that Warner Bros. will distance themselves from the actor depending on what transpires with the controversial video clip. The Flash is scheduled to be released in 2022. This comes to us courtesy of John Francis Daley's official Twitter account.