Justice League star Ezra Miller is not under official investigation over the disturbing choking incident. Over the weekend, video surfaced of Miller outside of a bar in Iceland taking a woman by the throat and slamming her on the ground. The footage quickly went viral and many were wondering why this happened. As of this writing, The Flash actor and his representatives have yet to release a statement on the matter, though they may have to if the unidentified woman decides to press charges.

Gunnar Rúnar Sveinbjornsson, a spokesman for the Reykjavik Metropolitan Police, says that the woman has yet to press charges. "No one was arrested or placed in custody regarding this," Sveinbjornsson said. In the choke-slam video, which is brief, a man can be heard saying, "Oh, you wanna fight? That's what you wanna do?" to the unidentified woman. Ezra Miller can then be seen as he takes his hand to choke her up against a car, and then forces her to the ground. It's a disturbing piece of video, to say the least.

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The whole event took place outside of a pub, so alcohol was more than likely involved. It has been reported that a group of fans swarmed Ezra Miller before the video started and that this woman was reportedly taunting Miller about wanting to fight well before he choked her out. This has not been officially confirmed as of this writing. With alcohol and stress involved, something bad was bound to happen. While Miller was probably annoyed at the situation, violence was not the best reaction, no matter what was happening beforehand, unless the woman had a weapon and was coming after him.

Former The Flash director John Francis Daley posted a cryptic tweet after the choking video went viral. He simply wrote, "creative differences," and left it at that. Many believe he was taking aim at Ezra Miller in the tweet and the situation surrounding why he and Jonathan Goldstein exited the long-awaited movie. Miller and the directors reportedly clashed over the direction of the movie, with Miller wanting a darker take on the DC character. Andres Muschietti is now scheduled to be behind the camera for The Flash movie.

Ezra Miller and the rest of the Justice League team have been supporting Zack Snyder over the past few years and campaigning to have the Snyder Cut released. It makes sense as to why the actor would want to keep the darkness that Snyder brought to the characters, but at this point, fans are just waiting for a good movie. It's been years since The Flash movie was announced and it's been pushed back numerous times. At this point, it would be surprising to see the movie get a release at all. The Wrap was the first to announce that Ezra Miller is not being investigating for choking out a woman.