Despite the unprecedented situation that the world has now found itself in, it seems that nothing can stop celebrities from doing crazy things. This time, it is Justice League and Fantastic Beasts star Ezra Miller who finds themselves at the center of a social media scandal. A video clip has emerged which shows Miller seemingly choking a woman in a public setting, before forcing her to the ground. The actor is now in the middle of a controversy after the video of him physically assaulting the unknown woman has made the rounds online.

The video is now trending on social media, with users calling for the actor to have charges brought against him, whilst others are saying that he should be 'canceled' as a result. There are even some users who are now opening up about the interactions they have had with the actor, and they do not sound good. Of course, these are unfounded, but the video itself is pretty clear. Prior to attacking the woman, Miller can be heard saying "did you want to fight?", after which he takes her by the throat and tackles her to the ground. The video is quite shaky after the commotion and is eventually cut, with the person behind the camera rumored to have then broken up the altercation.

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The same source who shared the clip has also provided some context as to what really happened, with information allegedly coming from a companion of the woman in the video. They have said that, aside from just chocking the woman, Miller also spat on them, and showed them "scars" on his body from all of the recent brawls he has apparently been in. Allegedly, following this, the woman jokingly goaded Miller to a fight, with the actor clearly taking it too seriously. Of course, these details have yet to be confirmed, so, for now, it is probably best to treat this as the rumor it currently is. Still, the video is there for all to see, so you can be the judge.

At present, there has been no comment from Ezra Miller or any of his representatives, but the video certainly does not do his image any favor, especially considering the actor is currently set to star in Fantastic Beasts 3 as well as portray DC superhero The Flash in the upcoming solo movie. No doubt the incident will be investigated and more details will surely come to light, but for now, it is out there for everyone to speculate on, which will no doubt be a public relations nightmare.

Ezra Miller began to gain fame and recognition in 2012 following the critically acclaimed coming-of-age drama The Perks of Being a Wallflower. Most notably, Miller is known for playing the tortured Credence Barebones in the Harry Potter prequel movie series, Fantastic Beasts where he reprised the role twice and is confirmed for a third outing. He also plays Barry Allen in The Flash movie, having been introduced in 2016's Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, followed by Justice League. Miller also suited up as the Scarlet Speedster for a cameo in the CW's Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover. His standalone movie as the comic book hero The Flash is slated for a 2022 release. This comes to us from Twitter user @Hood_Vampire.