After confirmed as the writer/director in place for the recently announced Face/Off movie, Adam Wingard has confirmed that his film would not be a reimagining of the 1997 thriller, but will be DIRECT SEQUEL. Wingard, who is currently working upon the release of his upcoming Monterverse conclusion Godzilla VS Kong, is writing a direct follow-up to Face/Off with co-writer Simon Barrett.

The original Face/Off is regarded as a modern-day cult film, most memorable for its unusual but engrossing premise, as well as for fascinating performances by Nicholas Cage and John Travolta. In the original film, FBI Agent Sean Archer (Travolta) has his face swapped with Castor Troy (Cage), a recently apprehended terrorist in order to infiltrate a criminal facility and gather information on a bomb's location. However, things take a wicked turn when Troy takes on Archer's appearance and infiltrates the FBI as well as his family home.

Adam Wingard stating that the new Face/Off movie is actually going to be Face/Off 2 has come as a surprise as it will be interesting to figure out how he will pan out the previous film's characters into this new story, especially when the film ended with a close loop with nothing left on a cliffhanger. It's but obvious that Wingard will incorporate some new elements along with fresh characters in the sequel, but it still arises one big question - Will Cage and Travolta return for the sequel?

If Wingard's statement is to be taken literally, then a "direct sequel" shall mean that original characters will return. However, the previous film ended on such a note that it's practically impossible for one of the lead characters to return. Spoilers below!

Notably, the original Face/Off ended with Casper Troy (Nicolas Cage) dying at the hands of Sean Archer (John Travolta) and Archer finally getting back his face back. This means that Nicholas Cage is dead and his return would only be possible if Wingard decides to twist the previous ending by somehow keeping Troy alive. Since it's been more than two decades, the sequel may address the ending of Face/Off where Archer adopts a young boy, Casper's son, who would now be a grown-up. This could lead to Troy being kept out of the sequel while solely focusing on Archer's individual story.

Casper's son never knew of his father and was too young to know his crimes or the fact that his new adoptive father has been involved in his own family's catastrophic end. Having Travolta's Archer "facing off" with a grown-up Adam Troy, which is probably going to haunt him to death.

Well, these are just mere speculations made to keep the spirit of the original film alive, and hopefully, Wingard will soon shed light on new details on his take of the famous action-thriller. It's definitely would be every fan's desire to see both Cage and Travolta return; after all, it won't be the same Face/Off without them. For now, all we are happy about is that Wingard has decided to honor the integrity of the original by creating a continuation to the previous film instead of going for a reboot, which would've met with some mixed responses.

Adam Wingard's upcoming Godzilla VS Kong will release on March 26 in theaters and will be available to stream on HBO Max for the first month of release.