There is at least one application that Facebook wants nothing to do with. According to Variety, the popular social networking site Facebook has pulled a promotional page for the recent film Untraceable.

The "Kill With Me" page for the film closely mirrored the plot, which surrounds a mysterious, untraceable website where viewers can watch a man murder people. The Facebook promo page enabled fans to watch pieces of a torture scene from the movie, and the more fans that joined, the more of the clip they would see. Facebook, which has a policy against "pages that are hateful, threatening, or obscene," banned the page before the full clip was viewable.

This isn't the first time an Untraceable promo was shot down. The video blogging site Seesmic also took off a user from the site after a new user appeared normal at first, and then reappeared and was seemingly abducted. The site mistook the video for reality and banned the user.

The Facebook move shouldn't shake up too much for the film's domestic gross, though, since the film itself was pulled completely from theaters today, although it still is running in the U.K.