The Good

I really love this show even though I am a guy.

The Bad

No Special Features. That is just bad and upsetting to me.

The Facts of Life: The Complete Third Season is 24 episodes worth of Blair, Jo, Natalie, Tootie and Mrs. Garrett as she helps them grow up, and they teach her a little bit about what it's like being a young adult. While I think this new three disc set is a bit lacking in the extras department (it doesn't have any actually), it is still filled with human stories that are very relatable today. Whether Tootie is trying to prove she's grown up ("Growing Pains") or the girls are dealing with Blair's families past ("Legacy"), or Jo is setting Blair up on a date ("The Academy"), I never felt like the creators of this show let it get away from them.

The Facts of Life: The Complete Third Season is an ensemble piece of the highest order.


No Extras came with this release.


1.33:1 - Full Screen. I was really impressed with the sharpness of these shows. I think that Sony did something in the compression because these shows had a sparkling quality. In fact, they looked like how Grounded for Life looks on DVD, yet these shows are about 20 years apart in their creation. For the first time, the quality of these discs made me wonder how these older shows might look in Blu-ray or HD.


Dolby Digital - English Stereo. Closed Captioned. The audio on these DVDs can best be described as standard. As Sony is one of the leaders in providing high quality audio and video experiences, I wasn't surprised at how easily I was able to level the sound on my set for these DVDs. There isn't anything happening on these discs that stand out that much, but it was nice to see that the audio was in top notch order.


A multicolored cover that features pictures of the four main teens with Mrs. G in the middle. On the back of this slipcase are some shots from the show (one of which is curiously in black and white), a description of what this third season contains, and technical specs. The three discs are housed in two, slim cases, with two black and white pictures from the show on the cover. The back of these plastic covers lists out the episodes and provides a one line description of each. All in all, Sony has kept things economical, I just wish there had been more extras.

Final Word

Having a recently watched a Diff'rent Strokes behind the scenes expose, I couldn't help but think about a scene in that movie when Mrs. Garrett (Charlotte Rae) left that show to do The Facts of Life. What was odd was that she was nervous before she did it, but like Mrs. G herself she jumped into that show and low and behold it ran longer than Diff'rent Strokes. I think it's great that both of these shows were allowed to exist at the same time because they really helped me understand a lot about my own life growing up. I was able to relate to kids (and girls) because I understood that we weren't much different.

The Facts of Life was released .