Fahrenheit 11/9 wasn't supposed to earn big money at this weekend's box office, but it was predicted that it would do a lot better than it did. Michael Moore's anti-Donald Trump documentary took in only $3.1 million, which placed it at number eight this weekend. Trump and his followers are more than likely very happy to see Moore's latest opus crash and burn at the box office, but the director isn't giving up. Michael Moore will simultaneously keep promoting the film while trying to get more Americans to vote during November's midterm elections.

One of the main theories behind the box office failure of Fahrenheit 11/9 is that the American public is sick of seeing Donald Trump, whether it's good news or bad news. Cable news might as well be rebranded to Trump TV, since that's pretty much all they cover, aside from a natural disaster, which then also includes the president and his administration. So, getting people to sit down and watch two more hours of Trump in a movie theater may be a bit difficult at this current time, no matter how you feel about the current president.

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While Fahrenheit 11/9 looks like a complete anti-Donald Trump documentary from beginning to end, he's really only in about 20 minutes or so of the whole film. The documentary is trying to find out how and why Trump became president. The box office failure also comes down to criticisms that Michael Moore keeps making the same movie over and over. Hardcore right-wing conservatives will more than likely say that the documentary failed because Moore bends the truth, while hardcore left-wingers will argue that they've seen the movie before, though they probably agree with his stance.

Many believe that Fahrenheit 11/9 is more of a vehicle to raise awareness for the upcoming midterm elections, and that could very well be the case. It has been heavily rumored that the movie will head straight to the VOD market right before November to try and get as many people to watch it as possible. There's a lot going on in the film, with Michael Moore throwing a lot at the audience in a hope that some of it will stick in order to motivate voters. It's a tricky situation and only time will tell if Moore was successful on his mission.

Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11 came out in 2004, taking aim at the George W. Bush administration and earned over $222 million worldwide, making it the highest grossing documentary of all time. Fahrenheit 11/9 will only make a fraction of that kind of box office cash during its theatrical run since times have changed quite a bit in the last 14 years. A highly divisive political climate seems like a good time for a Moore documentary, but it's obviously not made for everybody to see. For now, it might be a good idea for the director to figure out a new strategy going forward. Fahrenheit 11/9's box office numbers were revealed via Box Office Mojo.