Michael Moore is back with the new trailer for his Fahrenheit 11/9 documentary, which takes aim at President Donald Trump and his administration. The title of the documentary comes from the date that Trump was officially announced as the 45th President of the United States and is the reverse of his 2004 documentary title Fahrenheit 9/11. The Unites States was very divided in 2004 under George W. Bush's War on Terror, but the new documentary aims to prove that the country has never been so divided before.

Donald Trump rallies are shown in the new trailer for the latest Michael Moore documentary Fahrenheit 11/9, next to scenes from a neo-Nazi protest with a burning cross next to a burning swastika. Moore can be seen interviewing former Trump campaign advisor Roger Stone, 2018 Democratic primary winner Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Parkland massacre survivor Emma Gonzalez. In a new interview promoting the documentary, Moore calls Trump an "evil genius," since he is able to manipulate the media and claims that younger journalists aren't trained in how to cover an "authoritarian leader."

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When asked if his approach to covering American politics has changes over the last 14 years, Michael Moore declares that the majority of the American people agree with his stance, which doesn't sound like his stance has changed. He then claims that Donald Trump and his supporters are a small fraction of the country, which is debatable. The director and activist then compared each side to a choir, noting that his side is out of tune, but that Fahrenheit 11/9 is here to solve that problem. He explains.

"The majority of Americans agree with me on the issues. I'm part of the majority. Our choir is much bigger than Trump's choir or Fox News' choir. Unfortunately, our choir is out of tune, and it's hard to hear our voices through all the sobbing and despair. That all ends on Sept. 21. The choir needs a song to sing. Once we come together in beautiful harmony, the Trump crime family will be prosecuted, law and order will be restored, we'll have Medicare for All and we'll declare that Game of Thrones must remain on the air for at least three more seasons."

Michael Moore certainly has some lofty goals with Fahrenheit 11/9 and it will be interesting to see the response that it gets from his "choir." Donald Trump supporters will definitely not be into what Moore is selling or even willing to listen to his point-of-view. In one interesting scene from the documentary trailer, Roger Stone talks about the impeachment of Trump and says, "try it, just try it." Stone then promises that there will be a "spasm" of violence in this country "like you've never seen."

Michael Moore brings Fahrenheit 11/9 to theaters everywhere on September 21st. The director states that his film is a work of action, not passivity and also reveals that a secret insurgence is currently happening in an unlikely place, which Moore hopes will come into fruition. Regardless, the documentary will cause a stir in the United States, but whether it makes a dent or not is the real question. You can check out the first trailer for Fahrenheit 11/9 below, thanks to MM Flint Youtube.