Fahrenheit 9/11: According to The Hollywood Reporter, the MPAA on Tuesday upheld its decision to give Michael Moore's politically charged documentary Fahrenheit 9/11 an R rating, denying a much publicized campaign by the film's distributors to appeal for a PG-13.

With the ratings row over, "Fahrenheit" is set to unspool this week on 868 screens, according to Lions Gate Films president Tom Ortenberg, whose company is releasing the film along with IFC Films and Bob and Harvey Weinstein's Fellowship Adventure Group.

He further said that the number of screens will be upped July 2, based on the picture's boxoffice performance. "We strongly and respectfully disagree with the (MPAA's ruling)," Ortenberg said. "But we will respect and honor it. Now it is full steam ahead to get as many people as possible to see this film."